What Our Clients Say...

Talent Management

"To say I’m pleased with the work you did for me in finding a Controller would be an understatement, elated would be closer to the truth. Despite the pressure put on you when we moved our schedule up, you responded quickly and professionally. To be honest, I was surprised that not only were you able to have candidates prescreened for me to interview, but we actually found a high caliber individual to hire. You did an excellent job in pre-screening and in responding to our needs. Thank you very much. 

(Division Manager, Direct Marketing)

Career Assistance

"Jeannette is knowledgeable about industries and job markets in NW Indiana and Chicago. A tremendous asset to relocating spouses/ families."  (President,CEO)

"Congratulations on another excellent evaluation, this time from Deepa, She expressed what seemed sheer joy in working with you, and said if ever needed, she's like to work with you again! I know you always provide excellent service to your clients, it is so nice to hear the positive; given your caseload, we know a lot of positive energy is being exerted. Thanks so much for all you do." 

(Western Regional Manager)

"Thanks Jeannette, you are a great team player, and a terrific consultant. We are fortunate to have you with us!"  (Western Regional Manager)

Outplacement Seminar reviews

“Jeannette provided information on the current trends of what employers are looking for. Knowledgeable about the process - she can relate to individuals.” “Seminar was held off-site with limited interruptions.” “The manual, its organization, and Jeannette’s knowledge and experience with it and what is current for internet applications and processes. Very detailed information.” “There is hope and I am ready to go on to a new opportunity. Very much needed to have this assistance with Jeannette.” “Covered all of the basics, which was very helpful to the people who haven’t looked for a job in many years.” “This made me think about a lot more than headhunters." “Good experience, instructor was honest.” 

Organization Survey

"Impressed by the efficient, well organized, standard but flexible approach which made the survey easy to use and understand.  Other companies could benefit from such examinations of worker's concerns."  (CEO/President)

Learning & Development

"On behalf of the College of Management and Business faculty, I would like to thank you for your exemplary performance. It is with the professional help and expertise of people like you that CMB is able to provide quality programs. I commend you for your commitment to excellence and look forward to our continued relationship. Thank you for being part of the CMB team during this past year." (Dean, CMB) 

“Your evaluations are great, as is your reputation here.” I particularly like the sense of your personal connection with the students. You obviously bring much more than content to the classroom. You’re making a difference!” (Assistant Dean, CMB) 

“Helped me learn a lot regarding research.”  “Learned how to do more informed research.” “This was one of the “best classes in the entire program.” “I enjoyed this class, not only as a learning experience, but it was fun too.”   (Applied Business Analysis course)

“Jeannette’s enthusiasm for the subject helped keep it interesting.”  “Made me realize the areas where improvement would be beneficial.”  “Jeannette is a great teacher. She is very down to earth and talks to students on the same level.” “Wonderful class for self-awareness and improvement.” “The in-basket exercise was useful. This showed me how to do it effectively.” “I learned some things about myself I didn’t already know.” 

(Managerial Competency course)