Employee Handbooks

  • Put it in writing...
  • When management depends on verbal communications or emails/texts, misunderstandings and inequities can occur.  Without an employee handbook, employees receive inaccurate interpretations from co-workers or managers respond to their employees' questions about policy and practices in different ways, often generating unnecessary confusion and misunderstandings.  

Why Employee Handbooks are important

  1. Introduces employees to the company culture, mission, and values.
  2. Communicates to employees what is expected of them.
  3. Educates employees about what they can expect from the company.
  4. Helps ensure company policies are clear and consistently communicated.
  5. Showcases benefits offered.
  6. Ensures compliance with federal and state laws.
  7. Helps defend against employee claims.
  8. Lets employees know where to turn for help.

HR-ARM has advised, written, and revised policies and briefed executives on policies in practice. We have experience in developing on-boarding programs and in employee communications. While we have served nearly 25 companies, we are happy to say many of them are repeat clients. 

Career Assistance

HR-ARM offers four levels of career assistance services:

  1. Individual job seeker support
  2. Career assistance and transition support for expatriate partners.
  3. Domestic relocation decision assistance, transition, acclimation services and career assistance for accompanying partners.
  4. Workforce reduction (Outplacement)

HR-ARM offers a multi-faceted job search campaign for those seeking career assistance: 

  • Career assessment, coaching, exploration 
  • Job search strategy
  • Resume preparation, job search correspondence
  • Social media presence
  • Job market research
  • Networking strategies 
  • Interview practice
  • Salary negotiation 
  • Entrepreneurial assistance

HR-ARM counts among its clients 25 companies, many of them repeat business serving over 200 individuals. 

Talent Management

HR-ARM offers three levels of services:

  1. Hourly or monthly assistance in recruitment at any stage in the process, from sourcing candidates, create/update job descriptions, design career pathways, interviewing, to managing pipeline of candidates.
  2. Retained search for executive/management level positions.
  3. Interim staffing.


  • Allow HR to focus on the day-to-day while bringing in a new set of eyes with a fresh approach.
  • Successfully fill key leadership and management roles free from internal pressure and influences.
  • Ensure your interviewing process is free of illegal questions and incorporates a realistic job preview.
  • Why let work pile up?

HR-ARM has worked with over 50 companies on their talent management needs.

We have experience on a wide variety of projects. We will continually add and refresh our service page. 

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