Client Snapshots

Talent Management

  • Situation: Your partner has been offered a relocation, you are both considering this offer. You work too but at a different company.  How do you go about finding a job in a new area?
  • Challenge: Major steel company group relocation east coast to midwest required partner approval, family acclimation to new area, and their own career transition.  
  • Solution: HR-ARM presented services available to employees and partners at the initial facility visit. In addition, HR-ARM set up individual/couple appointment times to answer questions in further detail. 
  • The majority of the group accepted the  relocation. After talking with partners, HR-ARM suggested the policy be expanded to allow coaching and career support to partners seeking alternative work life choices. The company approved that policy.

Organization Assessment

  • Situation: The new CEO at a non-profit faced unforeseen complications, threatening a smooth transition.
  • Challenge: While preparing for a strategic change in organizational structure to better serve its customers, the CEO was blindsided by an emotional impasse that became apparent at a leadership meeting. 
  • Solution: HR-ARM conducted interviews with key individuals concerning the strategic direction initiatve and the structural/reporting relationship changes to understand the individuals' concerns. This confidential process not only served as a catharsis, but also addressed the carry-over baggage from previous leadership.  Their suggestions and support helped pave the way for needed change. 

Employee Handbook

  • HR-ARM has worked on many consulting engagements involving policy development, revision, preparation of employee handbooks and updates.  
  • This is a client snapshot and testimonial of a unique Situation, Challenge and Solution as written by a client.
  • "We were in the process of combining two separate corporate entities with operations in five different states. To that end, we needed to bring all existing office policies into a common program, issue a handbook, and implement the new package. Jeannette consulted on the project and in a very competent and professional way, brought us through the ordeal within both budget and timetable. This involved complete writing of the handbook, as well as research of the various state and federal laws applicable to each location. That handbook is still in use today, and those minor amendments made were to address changes in corporate philosophy or situations not contemplated in the original version. We found Jeannette to be knowledgeable, responsive, and professional in her approach. It was a pleasure dealing with her, and we would not hesitate to work with her again should the situation arise.” (Corporate Vice President, Import)